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Saw the old
Inserito il 12 luglio 2013 alle 23:39:08 da Umbriafolk.

Saw the old

The "Saw the Old" is a typical Umbrian theatrical performance, particularly in the area of Lake Trasimeno and the province of Perugia. The folk group Umbria Folk presented this show a few years ago on the occasion also of the Historical Re-enactment of the Keystroke Vitellino of Castiglione del Lago (PG) proving a huge success. In short the story:

The sawyers looking for an oak tree to be cut and they cater to all women looking at them and treating them as if they were plants. The only "cerqua" or oak that is right for them is that the old are worn. Begin to mark it and then saw it, just like the lumberjacks with plants ...

When the work is finished, however, knocks on the door of an old house, which seeks his wife ran away from home. Stumbling on oak realizes that this is his own wife. The sawyers bothered to tell him that it cut the old is sick, and seeing the worried prompting them to call the doctor and the pharmacist to make it heal.

At the end of the old miraculously heals so the old man can take her home again.

The Umbria Folk Folk Group presented the Old Saw, Saturday, March 21, 2009 at the Teatro Cesare Caporali of Panicale getting a huge success.

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